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Dear Customer, we inform you that the website www.Specialmilano.com is owned and managed by Maxi Sport SpA, a company incorporated under Italian law with registered office in via Filippo Turati n.6, 20121 MILAN (MI), Italy, CF and P.IVA 02607280969. These General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter, the "General Conditions") govern the contractual relations between the undersigned Maxi Sport SpA (hereinafter, the "Seller") and its end customers within the European Union, exclusively if they are natural persons who act for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out (hereinafter, the "Purchaser"). In relations between the Seller and the Buyer, Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (hereinafter, the "Consumer Code"), and Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 (hereinafter, the "Regulation on Electronic Commerce") with which the General Conditions comply.
1. DEFINITIONS Pursuant to and for the purposes of these General Conditions, the following definitions will apply: "Buyer", the natural person who is a citizen of the European Union - or who makes a purchase requesting the delivery of the goods within the European Union – who acts for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out; “Catalogue”, the catalog available on the page www.specialmilano.com; "Distance contract", the contract for the purchase and sale of goods stipulated by the Seller and the Buyer within the context of a distance selling system which, for this contract, exclusively uses one or more remote communication techniques (e.g. , telephone, fax, internet or e-mail) until the conclusion of the contract, including the conclusion of the contract itself;

"Contract negotiated away from commercial premises", the contract concerning the sale of goods entered into by the Seller and the Purchaser in any form concluded, stipulated as "Seller", the company Maxi Sport SpA

2. OUR PRODUCTS: LIMITED AVAILABILITY. 2.1. The products that we offer to our Buyers – listed in the Catalog (hereinafter, the “Products”) – are original products.

3. THE PURCHASE PROCESS. THE COUNTRIES SERVED BY THE SELLER. 3.1. Distance Contracts and Contracts negotiated away from business premises (hereinafter, collectively, the "Agreements") for the sale of Products by the Seller to Buyers are governed by the General Conditions in force at the time the order is placed. purchase of Products, forming an integral and substantial part of this order. 3.2. The General Conditions do not affect in any case the rights attributed by mandatory provisions of the law to the Purchaser. 3.3. Depending on the availability of the Products, the relative purchase order (hereinafter, the "Order") may be sent to the Seller through the appropriate section of the institutional site, by e-mail, by fax, by telephone and/or by ordinary mail, all to the references indicated on our corporate website. The documents constituting the Order (ie, the Order form and the General Conditions), must bear the Purchaser's signature in the appropriate sections. 3.4. Each Order will constitute a firm and irrevocable offer by the Purchaser and the sale of Products will be considered concluded upon receipt by the latter of the communication of acceptance by the Seller.

3.5.Following receipt of an Order, the Seller will send you an Order receipt ("Order Receipt"), containing a summary of some of the information already contained in the Order form (ie, the General Conditions, the information on the right of withdrawal, the essential characteristics of the Products, the detailed indication of the price, the means of payment and any delivery costs). 3.6.The Seller will only be able to accept purchase requests from – and for deliveries to be made in Italy and abroad.

4. PRICES 4.1. The price of the Products is published by the Seller in the Catalogue. It is valid for deliveries to be made in the territory chosen by the Purchaser and is inclusive of VAT in Eu and extra EU VAT (calculated on the basis of the legislation in force at the time of the Order) Any transport costs, additional and/or different charges (eg, customs charges) will be borne by the Buyer. 4.2. Although it is our care and interest that the prices indicated in the Catalog are always correct and up-to-date, errors and/or inconsistencies could accidentally occur in the figures indicated therein. If, upon receipt of an Order, we should encounter any errors and/or inconsistencies, we will promptly inform the Purchaser so that he can choose whether to confirm the Order at the correct price or to revoke it. 4.3. The Seller will have the right, among other things, to modify the current prices at any time and/or to initiate and conduct promotional initiatives and/or special offers.

5. PAYMENT AND DELIVERY 5.1. Payment for the Products can be made by Paypal or credit card. It is understood that the billing address indicated by the Purchaser on our corporate website must correspond to the address registered by the Purchaser with the company issuing the credit card. 5.2. The amount relating to the transaction will be charged to the Buyer's credit card once the credit card or Paypal account details have been verified, the relative authorization has been received, the availability of the Products and the feasibility for shipment have been confirmed. 5.3. The delivery of the Products will be made by the courier appointed by the Seller to the closest point – reachable by the courier – to the address indicated by the Purchaser in the Order. 5.4. The shipment will be made within 3 working days from the order confirmation. Shipping times for Europe are 3-4 working days at the latest from the day following the day in which the Buyer receives the Order Receipt from the Seller. 5.5. Pursuant to art. 54 of the Consumer Code, the Seller will in any case execute the Order within 30 days starting from the day following that on which the Purchaser has sent it. 5.6. In order to allow the Purchaser to verify the delivery status in real time, the Seller will send an e-mail message confirming the delivery of the Products via the courier service, through which the Purchaser will be able to follow the shipment status

6. PURCHASER'S RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL 6.1. For all products purchased, the buyer has the right to withdraw without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 15 working days from the day on which he has received the Product. 6.2. The Purchaser may exercise the right of withdrawal by sending a communication to the e-mail indicated as the customer care address, within the terms established by art. 7.1. 6.3. The notice of withdrawal must indicate the Order number in relation to which the right of withdrawal is exercised and the Product that the Purchaser intends to return. 6.4. The Purchaser who has validly exercised the right of withdrawal will be required to return the Product to the Seller within 30 working days starting from the date of receipt of the Product (for the purposes of expiry of the term, the good is considered returned when it is delivered to the shipper). It is an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal that the Product to be returned is in the same condition in which it was received (without abrasions, scratches, dulling, etc.). The Purchaser who makes use of the right of withdrawal will be required to return the Product intact and in the original packaging, including the relative documentation. The references of the Order in relation to which the right of withdrawal is exercised must be indicated on the packaging and on the return documents. The Seller reserves the right to verify the integrity of the returned Product and to withhold any depreciation from the refund, also due to damage to the Product for reasons other than transport. 6.5. The only expenses payable by the Purchaser for exercising the right of withdrawal will be those for returning the goods to the Seller. 6.6. If the right of withdrawal has been exercised by the Purchaser in accordance with the provisions of this article, the Seller will reimburse - in the terms set out above - the sums paid by the Purchaser, except for the transport costs from the Seller to the Purchaser, except as provided by the art. 6.7 of the Contract. The refund will be completed within 20 working days from the delivery of the Product and, in any case, within 100 days from the date on which the Seller becomes aware of the valid exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Purchaser. The sums will be considered reimbursed within the terms if they are actually returned, sent or re-credited with a value date no later than the expiry date of the relative term. 6.7. The Seller will have the right not to accept the return of Products that have been altered and/or damaged.

7. FURTHER INFORMATION 7.1. The Seller will take care to keep a copy of the General Conditions in force at the time the Order is sent and the Order Receipt. Should the Purchaser find errors or inaccuracies in the data provided to the Seller, he will be asked to contact the Seller's customer service. 7.2. These General Conditions can be easily downloaded from the following page of the Seller's institutional website: www.specialmilano.com

8. CUSTOMER SERVICE It will be possible to request any information or assistance through the customer support service available by email at ecommerce@specialmilano.com and on the telephone number (+39) 0289056307 from Monday to Friday from 2.30pm to 6pm: 00.

9. UPDATE OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS The General Conditions may be updated and/or modified by the Seller at any time, with effect from the date of the relative publication; the updated version of the General Conditions will be available on this page

10. PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA. The information on the processing of the Buyer's personal data is available on the following page: LINK

11. APPLICABLE LAW; JURISDICTION. These General Conditions are governed by Italian law and, in particular, by the legislative decree 6 September 2005 n. 206, on the consumer code, with specific reference to the legislation on distance contracts and by the legislative decree 9 April 2003 n. 70 on certain aspects concerning electronic commerce. Any disputes relating to these General Conditions and/or to the relative relationship arising between the Seller and the Purchaser are devolved to the jurisdiction of the place of residence or domicile of the Seller. All consumers (any natural person acting for purposes that do not fall within his commercial, industrial, craft or professional activity pursuant to Directive 2013/11/EU) residing in the territory of the European Union, pursuant to art. 14 of Regulation 524/2013/EU, I can resolve my disputes out of court by contacting a mediation body by submitting my complaints relating to contracts stipulated online with companies based in the EU, through ODR ("Online Dispute Resolution" ), the platform provided by the European Commission. The complete information is available at the following link: (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/). Customs fees and taxes may be applied depending on the country of shipment. for orders placed; if the Seller can calculate import taxes for your order, they will be added to your order total before checkout. As for countries where customs taxes and duties cannot be calculated first. You will be asked to pay them upon delivery by the courier.